SAT Competition 2014
affiliated with the SAT 2014 conference, July 14-17 in Vienna, Austria.
and the FLoC Olympic Games

Winners per category

Sequential Application SAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1minisat_blbdJingchao Chen109
2Riss BlackBoxEnrique Matos Alfonso and Norbert Manthey107
3SWDiA5BYChanseok Oh106

Sequential Application Certified UNSAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1Lingeling (druplig)Armin Biere130
2glucoseGilles Audemard and Laurent Simon123
3SWDiA5BYChanseok Oh121

Sequential Application SAT+UNSAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1LingelingArmin Biere231
2SWDiA5BYChanseok Oh228
3Riss BlackBoxEnrique Matos Alfonso and Norbert Manthey226

Sequential Hard-Combinatorial SAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1SparrowToRissAdrian Balint and Norbert Manthey107
2CCAnr+glucoseShaowei Cai, Chuan Luo, and Kaile Su106
3SGSeqChumin Li, Hua Jiang, and Ruchu Xu104

Sequential Hard-Combinatorial Certified UNSAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1Riss BlackBoxEnrique Matos Alfonso and Norbert Manthey105
2Lingeling (druplig)Armin Biere96
3glucoseGilles Audemard and Laurent Simon92

Sequential Hard-Combinatorial SAT+UNSAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1glueSplit_claspJingchao Chen208
2LingelingArmin Biere207
3SparrowToRissAdrian Balint and Norbert Manthey206

Sequential Random SAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1DimetheusOliver Gableske115
2BalancedZChong Huang, Chumin Li, and Ruchu Xu101
3CSCCSat2014Chuan Luo, Shaowei Cai, Wei Wu, and Kaile Su98

Parallel Application SAT+UNSAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1Plingeling Armin Biere 277
2PeneLoPe Gilles Audemard, Benoît Hoessen, Saïd Jabbour, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Cédric Piette 248
3Treengeling Armin Biere 248

Parallel Hard-combinatorial SAT+UNSAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1Treengeling Armin Biere 227
2Plingeling Armin Biere 221
3pmcSAT 2.0 Ricardo Marques, Luís Guerra e Silva, Paulo Flores and Luís Miguel Silveira205

Parallel Random SAT Track

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1pprobSATAdrian Balint and Uwe Schöning108
2PlingelingArmin Biere106
3CSCCSat2014Chuan Luo, Shaowei Cai, Wei Wu, and Kaile Su95

MiniSAT-Hack Track (Application SAT+UNSAT)

#Solver versionAuthor(s)#solved
1MiniSat_HACK_999EDChanseok Oh222
2minisat_blbdJingchao Chen213
3ROKKminisatTakeru Yasumoto191