SAT Competition 2014
affiliated with the SAT 2014 conference, July 14-17 in Vienna, Austria.
and the FLoC Olympic Games

Submission System

Submission has opened: SAT Competition 2014 Submission System

You have to apply for an account on the EDACC system. Once the account has been verified (which can take up to 24h) you are able to perform your solver and benchmarks submission.

Preparation of Solver Submissions

Submissions that do not conform to the structure and content mentioned below will not be tested!

Solvers are to be submitted only as source code as stated by the Rules. For a successful submission you will need a zip file containing the latex sources and a pdf file of the solver description and a zip file with the source code of the solver with the following structure and content:
  • /code
  • readme.txt
  • license.txt
The folder /code should contain all source files and necessary scripts to build the solver and no binary files. The script has to accomplish the following tasks:
  • create a folder /binary
  • compile or build the code
  • copy all necessary executables including scripts to the folder binary
The content of the binary folder will be uploaded to the execution system and tested on the test set of the tracks where the solver has been submitted.

The readme.txt file should contain details about the solver (e.g. name, version, authors) and how to build and use the solver, i.e., simply run ./ and any kind of extra information needed to use the solver.

The licence.txt file should contain the license information. We do not require any particular type of licence, but the minimum requirement for the license is to contain the permission to use the solver for evaluation and research purposes. If you are using source code of other solvers please be sure to also include their license information in your license file.

Preparation of Benchmark Submissions

For a successful benchmark submission we encourage you to first check the instances with a CNF checker which tests the conformity to the DIMACS format. We are providing a checker here. If the instances intended for submission pass the CNF check you are able to directly submit them together with the mandatory benchmarks description (prepared as described in the Rules) as an archive (accepted files: .zip, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .7z, .rar, .xz, .tgz) within the submission system. We have a size limitation of 500MB per upload. If your benchmark archive exceeds this limit please create multiple archives and add the benchmark description only to the first one.