Call for Benchmarks

SAT Competition 2002

March 10 - May 8, 2002

NEW DEADLINE for benchmark submission: 24 March!

SAT Competition 2002 is going to start on March 10, 2002 and continue until (and during) SAT 2002 Symposium (May 6-9, 2002, Cincinatti, Ohio, USA).


Who can submit?

Everyone except Laurent Simon (who can submit before the submission server is open). .

What can be submitted?

Any instance of Boolean satisfiability problem that seems to be challenging, or a set of instances, or a benchmark generator. The format of submission is described here. The organizing committee keeps the right of Laurent Simon to reject any benchmark that

Note that the following good old, but still challenging benchmarks will be submitted automatically.

We divide instances into the following three categories:

See benchmarks format specification for the details of submitting benchmarks to each category.

How to submit?

Go to the submission page!

Who are the winners?

The authors of the smallest benchmarks (in terms of the total number of literal occurrences) that were not solved by any solver will be declared winners. There will be two winners: one for a satisfiable benchmark, and one for an unsatisfiable one. We do not award benchmarks submitted as "unknown" ones.

The following benchmarks will be excluded from the consideration here:

What are the awards?

To motivate participation an award of US Dollar 2500 (provided by the computational logic group at Delft) will be allocated to a selection of solvers and benchmarks. Namely, an award of $350 will be given to each of the two winners described above. The allocation of the remaining money is described in the Call for Solvers.

If there are strictly less than three author groups submitting pools of satisfiable (resp., unsatisfiable) benchmarks eligible for the award, the award is not given and its pieces will be added to the awards for the other category. If this happens with the both categories, the award will be transferred to solvers.

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